Wednesday, September 2, 2020

HOW DO YOU HUNT A BEAR, or, Excerpts From a Bestiary

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How DO you hunt a bear?

 At some point my decision to convert the OD&D bestiary to The Black Hack to make my life easier while stocking a hex crawl has turned into a much larger project. Because scope control is for nerds.

I just finished the "Animals" section and thought I'd share some (unedited and untested) highlights...

Bears, man.  They're bad news.

In seriousness, one interesting thing I found while exploring the OD&D and B/X bestiaries is that animals are appropriately scary in a way that they really aren't in later editions. In 5e a bear is not a significantly greater threat than an orc.  Which is just wrong. I would assume that the mundane got pushed down the Challenge Rating to make room for the fantastical. I decided I wanted to keep mundane animals as proper threats, while adding some fantastical-ness to them.

I am a Very Serious Designer

You should be afraid of herbivores.

But not everything needs to be an existential threat.

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