Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Existentialist Sesame Street Musings #1

I have to watch Sesame Street a non-trivial amount.  Here's a sampling of things that pass through my head as I do.

What Is Real?

Mr. Noodle presents so many interesting metaphysical questions. Is he a real human being, or some kind of construct of Elmo's imagination? He clearly feels emotions like shame, pride, responding to Elmo's crude taunts and praise at least at a canine level. Does the strange pocket dimension he appears to exist in continue to exist when the window closes, or are it and Mr. Noodle with it suspended into some kind of living non-existence? Why is he so unable to speak? Is that a function of being a mere construct (a construct that must be aware of the changeless horror of its existence) or if he is a man is he kept from speaking by the same forces that trap him in that fold of space adjunct to Elmo's World?


Ben Stiller is dressed as cheese and singing and there are Muppets attempting to feast on his dairy product flesh. Sesame Street looks into my very soul and presents a mirror that I might behold.

The Great Hereafter

When I get to Hell, the Devil will greet me by singing, "Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon toooooooooo...."

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